Wrathful Cupcakes

Tara as Mover and Shaker

Often we think we're on the 'correct' path, when really it's just another supposed 'short cut' or easier means of achieving enlightenment. There are many ways in which we are misled; donating to a cause we believe to be just when secretly it is a laundering cover-up; supporting a candidate we think is genuine and turns out to be false, etc. Unless we know all the deep, dirty secrets of everyone, there is no way we can be entirely 'right'. When we make these mistakes unknowingly we also tend to learn from them, but there is sometimes still repercussions for those actions on both a mundane and sacred level. In really delusional situations, we might not even see our wrong attitudes due to stubbornness or wrong information given. Since it really isn't our intention to be misled or to advocate the wrong cause, how can we deal with what we cannot truly see? This is where the most wrathful aspect of Tara comes into play...She is Lady Thronyer Chen and has the ability to shake the entire cosmos free of any subtle obstacles which we cannot see for ourselves.

As another black Tara Thronyer Chen is a destroyer, but not in such a dramatic or big way as Zhengyi Migyalma or Kurukulle. In Her small actions She makes an ultimately big impact. In Her lotus is an unusual tool little used here in the West: a tung shing, used in a similar way as a mortar and pestle to pound seeds and make oils when ground. In Her stomping, grinding and slapping ways Thronyer Chen is like the electric mixer used by bakers, to get rid of small clumps and create a nice smooth batter for a fluffier, tasty cake. Intentional clumps of fudge in a chocolate cake are one thing, but bits of butter or clusters of flour can ruin the bite of an otherwise perfect cupcake. And that is what we are, cosmic cupcakes. Tara as Thronyer Chen refines the end process of our spiritual preparation for great things to come. She polishes out the frosting on the finished product, getting it ready for the embellishments and other decorations to come later.

Thronyer Chen

In the hopes of becoming refined and smooth as polished marble, I invoke the smattering presence of To.nyer.chen. My body, heart and soul are putty in your hands. Shake the last wrinkles of obstacles from the impeccable sheets of my spirit, so I may wrap myself in the pure peace that is left behind. May your wrathful presence slap out the disillusions of others so they approach enlightenment with eyes wide open.