Tara's Wish-Fulfilling Jewels

Bestower of Riches, Liberator of Poverty

Everything is not all destruction and annihilation with Tara. She makes way for Her blessings by clearing out debris, composting that which is dead, and eventually fertilizing the soil of our soul's garden in preparation for a garden to bloom. With intensive energy and a frown of determination on Her face, the next Tara is Phagma Norter Drolma; the supreme one who gifts riches and wealth in both materials and wisdom. In Her wrathful energy She removes the suffering which is caused by poverty; with compassion She is the mother who removes Her own clothes to give for those in need. The riches of the universe are at Her disposal and gifted to those who seek Her refuge, for we are each offered opportunities of advancement in our physical and spiritual lives through Her.

As Norter Drolma, Tara is seated in Her usual position with a vase coming out of the lotus; it holds within it wish-fulfilling jewels She is ready to pour into the hands of those who seek Her aid. She appears to us in an orange shade of colour; it is a combination of yellow (representing Her golden rays of wealth) and red (for Her swift, active nature). Her love and compassion offers these treasures to us, but in Her wrathful gaze we must be conscious of what that entails. Wishes granted for ill gotten gains or that perpetuate the suffering of someone else will have karmic repercussions. Which is why it is best to only seek joyful bliss by alleviating the suffering of others, as well as ourselves. Receiving gifts of peaceful happiness and contentment, the need for luxurious extravagances are no longer necessary. As the old saying goes, the things you own end up owning you. So we ask for OUR happiness, love, and compassion in a way that makes it okay to share with others, without hurting ourselves in the process.

We are starved in this society, malnourished not only in love and compassion, but in the richness that is a spiritual connection. The self-help, religious and new age industries are all thriving as never before in this sad economic environment as people try to reach out and grasp at whatever materialism has to offer. It is something we can taste, touch and look at...if it has promises of happiness attached, there is nothing we won't buy for the right price. When in truth the richest people I know are miserable, and the humblest tend to be highly spiritual and authentic; wealth is again a matter of perspective. The point is, Norter Drolma may help you become rich and She may even save you from poverty, but spirituality is a state of prosperity that must be balanced with the physical world. How can we focus on the meditation when our bellies are hungry? How can we help alleviate the sufferings of others when we are trying to live from paycheck to paycheck? The universe wants us to be happy and there is enough for all.


From a spiritually starving space, I call forth the power and presence of Nor.ter.drol.ma in my life. I give to you my body, heart, and soul. Empower me with your energy so I may be nourished. May these blessings overfill my life so to spill out over all those who come before me. May all who experience poverty find relief from their sufferings in a way which further advances their spiritual evolution.