An Arrow Sharp and True

Tara, Destroyer of the Seven Worlds In red, Tara stomps out all the attachments we have to samsara. Rigjema, or Kurukulle as She is called in Sanskrit, is similar to the Hindu Goddess Kali in this wrathful aspect; She destroys what must be removed in order to transcend the cycles of rebirth in ALL the realms of the universe. This liberation is possible to all: from those in the higher realms of the Gods to the lowliest demon or hungry ghost, any and all between can be set free by Her focused arrow of determination and passion. Her lessons can sometimes be hard, but is necessary for the furthering of our own wisdom. She knows that deep down in all the Seven chakras, in the Seven inner worlds, in the Seven realms of heaven and hell, all sentient beings contain the seeds of enlightenment...we need to be re-awakened to our potential Buddhahood.

Rigjema means “she who precisely understands everything”; She sees all we see and THEN SOME. She has the best view in the Universe, knows what our innermost tenders are. We are sometimes blinded by the things which are most toxic, having situations or thoughts too close to our hearts, but Kurukulle sees and understands the reason for these chains. But they hinder our advancement, quell our passions, and Her arrow symbolizes the additional determination we need to complete goals for spiritual success. Her strengthening energy is symbolized by Kurukulle's color of red; She is like Kali who stomps on the materialism we cling to. The song of passion is in Her dance, stirring up emotions and quick in Her conjuring of long forgotten loves.


I call forth the power and presence of who brings wisdom of the inner worlds. I give you my body, heart, and soul. Grace me with the intelligence and wisdom to focus on the re-introduction of my passions. May all my aspirations and decisions be in alliance with my spiritual liberation.