Tara the Spell Slinger

Mother of Intentions

Jealousies and ill will can come from outside ourselves. Often when we are on the right track to a profound knowledge or experience, there will be opposition in powerful force. Spells and curses do exist, both are a temptation into the easier route of awakening. Not that having the ability to use these tools is a BAD thing; in fact having an aptitude for the spiritual is almost certainly past life abilities becoming manifest in the present. But more often than not magick involves a bit of ego and that just doesn't mix well with pure spiritual intent...it's just prettier grasping again. Many have not yet understood the karmic repercussions of speaking against others, in either a spell or gossip. In any form so much as it causes pain or injury in an emotional, psychic, financial, or physical way to a person there is always a price. Whether it is the self defense or counter-attack, we are still acting in response to someone else and that is when we give them our power. It is better to let go of the anger and any hooks they may have embedded in us.

Severing any traces of malice brought upon by others is still a job for Tara, but this next aspect of the compassionate Mother smashes any ill intentions coming your way. Rigngag Tobjom uses Her double dorje to smatter anything that is thrown at you. Whether it is a mugger hiding in an alleyway or a gossiping friend, the motivations still touch us by tainting our karma in the form of desires and fear. But this home run hitter has two bats and She swings pretty hard. She is a spiritual bodyguard, nothing gets past Her, and keeping us sober on the path is Her biggest job. It is in Her speech and sound where the power lies...Her voice makes negative energies coming our way explode like terracotta pots, shards flying everywhere.

Rigngag Tobjom

I call upon the Tara Da.pung.jom.ze.ma who is the destroyer of opposing forces. I give to you my body, heart and soul. Pledging completely to bringing compassion, joy, beauty, and abundance to all who come before me, I request that all influences which oppose my aspirations be nullified. May the motivations be shattered and scattered to the four winds never to return.