Subduer, Destroyer, Protecter

The Terrifying Tara Almost to the point of no return, Tara the Black is the most wrathful and frightening. She is the aspect of Tara in which we need to meditate upon for more than one sitting. Her depth of symbolism and profound inner truths can really rock your world. Why would a Bodhisattva, who has chosen to forgo the riches of the universe in order to further others' spiritual evolution? Out of compassion...but sometimes Mama has to give tough love, and it IS from a place of love. In black Tara is Jigje Chenmo, meaning "fierce, frightening great one". Her blackness is not just the absence of color, being the abyss of is the blank canvas from which to build ourselves up. Only going to the very darkest corners of our spirits/minds do we expose fears...and eradicate them in the process of exposure.

Jigjema is not passive in the least bit. She holds the lotus of enlightenment with a sacred dagger in the middle, a black phurba. This tool is used to cut and separate negativity, blockages, or any hindrances from our spiritual potential. Where Rigjema, Red Tara, stomps out the attachments revealing the wisdom culminating beneath, this Black Tara annihilates them completely, especially such conditions as mental illness, self-created demons, delusions, and loss of memory.


With courage, I call forth the power and presence of who is the most terrifying subduer of evils. I give you my body, heart, and soul. Pledging completely to the protection and furthering of the dharma, I request all negative emanations be removed from my life. Destroy them completely so I may be a most impactful vehicle of the Buddhas.