Of Starlight and Black Flames

"O triple form of darkness! Sombre splendour! Thou moon unseen of men! Thou huntress dread! Thou crownèd demon of the crownless dead! O breast of blood, too bitter and too tended! Unseen of gentle spring, Let me the offering Bring to thy shrine's sephulchral glittering I slay the swart beast! I bestow the bloom Sown in the dusk, and gathered in the gloom Under the waning moon, At midnight hardly lightening the East; And the black lamb from the black ewe's dead womb I bring, and stir the slow infernal tune Fit for thy chosen priest.

Here where the band of Ocean breaks the road Black-trodden, deeply-stoopy, to the abyss, I shall salute thee with the nameless kiss Pronounced towards the uttermost abode Of thy supreme desire. I shall illume the fire Whence thy wild stryges shall obey the lyre, Whence thy Lemurs shall gather and spring round, Girdling me in the sad funereal ground With faces turnèd back, My face averted! I shall consummate The awful act of worship, O renowned Fear upon earth, and fear in hell, and black Fear in the sky beyond Fate!"

- by Aleister Crowley, from The Invocation of Hecate

What is the purpose behind gaining spiritual knowledge, seeking it out, if not for an end to the means? Even if a glimpse is taken into the light filled world of bliss, for even a moment to experience, in those little blessings we desire only more. It only whets the appetite, causing us to seek out these moments of union with Hekate more often. The only problem with this is often it leads to disappointment; even if we re-create the situation in which we received some of Her grace, it will not automatically bring about a profound experience EVERY single time we meditate or participate in practice. So we go on living our lives, paying taxes, making dinner and are supposed to just be 'alright' with this.

The third eye chakra is called Ajna, 'command' or 'summoning'. It is through this part of our bodies we communicate with the world of spirit and intuition. Projecting and receiving messages, energies, and visualizations are the normal parts of being a magickal practitioner. It is through this center of our ethereal bodies we receive the intuitive blessings of Hekate Luna, meaning 'moon'. This cooler light is a stark contrast to the fiery solar plexus from before, with the illumination being more watery and fluid than the flickering fires. The purifying waters of Her ebb and flow correspond with Her lunar phases of worship: creative in Her fullness, cutting in Her wane, bliss in Her potentiality at the Noumenia (dark of moon), and growing in knowledge with Her waxing.

In my meditations last night, I had the vision of being a beacon, filled with a blazing starlight. This condensed to a single beam that shot from my ajna, which bent and spiraled around me. I felt the brightness turn to night, like squid ink... it settled and stuck to my body, coating it like a butter for basting. I began to panic, afraid of what was going to become of my soul as the liquid dried and became hardened. It was shiny, like metal polished bright. I realized it was my armor but not like the medieval kind; it was pliable, moving with my ethereal body like a nanotechnology for the spirit. I have caught the white flame of Hekate in my third eye and merged it with the black torch of my heart. This alchemical process is the start of something bigger than I can contemplate and I am surrendering.

Hekate sends Her lunary rays into our bodies, giving us the potential for great things; freeing up worries, enhancing physic vibrations, offering mysteries of magickal challenges with the promise of empowerment. The armor is not just a protective coating, but the cocoon in which we can transform, mutate, evolve into a higher form of ourselves. We need only trust ourselves; the whole of the Universe is already within us.


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