Sounds of Beauty in White

The Divine Creativity of Noble Tara On a white, brilliantly shining moon disc She descends, bringing the music of the cosmos with Her. This Tara is sometimes called Sarasvati, a connection with Buddhism's Hindu past. She is the embodiment of the beauty of Art; this Tara holds a blue lotus near Her ear, in the center is a ritual mirror called a 'melong'. Yangchenma is such a bright white, it is the opposite of red Tara's action-based motives...this Tara is much more passive but still inspiring. She reflects everything we experience, good or bad...all ignorance disappears in the light bouncing off Her mirrors' surface.

Yangchenma also brings the qualities of wisdom, as do all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. But She reflects the spoken knowledge of all the worlds, the language of nature with the animals, the teachings of the Dharma, and the elements of wind and rain. Everything becomes clearer, the Universe is speaking to us through this Tara,, we just need to learn how to tap into this beauteous inspiration and sing Her praise.


yangchenma_TaraOn Friday, the day ruled over by the Goddesses of Love and Beauty, I invoke the White Tara I give you my body heart and soul. Let every day bring forth inspiration and an appreciation of the beauty surrounding me. Bless and empower me with your Divine Creativity.