Into the Serpent's Coils

Then he dug a pit in the ground of a cubit's depth and heaped up billets of wood, and over it he cut the throat of the sheep, and duly placed the carcase above; and he kindled the logs placing fire beneath, and poured over them mingled libations, calling on Hecate Brimo to aid him in the contests. And when he had called on her he drew back; and she heard him, the dread goddess, from the uttermost depths and came to the sacrifice of Aeson's son; and round her horrible serpents twined themselves among the oak boughs; and there was a gleam of countless torches; and sharply howled around her the hounds of hell. All the meadows trembled at her step; and the nymphs that haunt the marsh and the river shrieked, all who dance round that mead of Amarantian Phasis. And fear seized Aeson's son, but not even so did he turn round as his feet bore him forth, till he came back to his comrades; and now early dawn arose and shed her light above snowy Caucasus”
- Apollonius Rhodius, The Argonautica, Book 3

In the story of “Jason and the Argonauts” we are introduced to one of the most famous Priestesses of Hekate, the Eastern princess of Thessaly Medea. Herself an import from faraway Colchis (what is now modern day Georgia in the Caucas mountain range). She was a known witch, practitioner of magic, and wise in the ways of herbs. It was She who provided the ointment covering Jason's body in protection whilst facing the challenges set forth; She shared with him how to petition Hekate's blessings, and also how to steal the Golden Fleece. Medea's magic was closely tied with the Earth, the basis for all Life. In the deep caverns, pits and recesses of our world, Hekate hides Her most precious secret garden filled with ego-altering herbs and poisonous flowers; where the water runs sweet and blood mixes with soil. Her form is the serpent of flora, a guardian of the secret awakening which lies dormant in us all.

"Hekate" by Stuart Littlejohn


At the base of our spine, where the two sides of our spinal cord meet is the root chakra (muladhara) in a whole system that runs along our ethereal bodies; our spiritual skeleton. The left is called Ida, a feminine current running along the spinal cord, and the right is the masculine Pingala. It is in this secret place of power where Hekate is blood red, tapping into our most primal motivations and the instincts we are born with; what eventually becomes the ego-driven attachments we have in this lifetime as well. She is Hekate Brimo (meaning “angry one”), coiled and waiting to become activated. Brimo rises as passion and anger; fierce, burning all karmic hindrances that keep us from spiritually evolving, unmercifully cutting to shreds what we cling to. As the snake of Brimo, kundalini energy grows and expands needing to shed what is overgrown, dead weight keeping us from ascending.

Our ego is likened to weeds in Her garden, pulling them out by the root is the only way to remove them properly. It is not a comfortable process and can be emotionally painful for some people; the settled soil of habits and beliefs are shifted. Some try to do it with poison, drowning the invasive without discrimination to other wanted foliage. This is manifested in addictions to people, food, things... what we believe is 'needed' to make us who we are. Strengthening through surrender is the lesson of Brimo... having the courage to face what is there when the debris is removed. What lies under the compost heap of refuse is loamy soil, ready to fertilize the path we walk.