PBP: “Q” is for Quintessence

There are still mysteries in the Multiverse. I do not pretend to understand them, just like I can admit physics and science in general are things which elude my intelligence. It made for some difficulty in researching this word that kept popping into my head, something manifesting in the occult literatureI read this week. Quintessence has a special meaning for practitioners of the magickal arts or folks who work in the astral... it is the 'ether', the Void, Dark Matter/Energy, or literally from it's Latin roots the “fifth element”. All of this might sounds like a bunch of metaphysical mumbo, but be assured it is ALL very much real and unexplainable even by the most brilliant minds in theoretical physics. "Map of the dark matter distribution"

It is said the matter we can measure in the Universe does not really equate with the amount of gravity force. So, where is all this 'hidden' gravity at? Well, that is where dark matter comes in... or I should say “out” since it is a repulsive energy. It makes up for the majority of the Universe (something like 10 times the amount of SEEN 'stuff'), pressing in and keeping the balance so our sun does not fly off into the unknown leaving us floating around, bumping into other things and causing planetary .This 'unknown' equation is thought to support a theory about God, this oppressive force is something having to do with Divinity? If anything I believe it's lack of interaction with light speaks volumes... how it bends and slows down. Dark energy particles are so strong... there is no way to see it, only to see how everything changes in response to it. Seems a bit adversarial to me, only Be-ing known in reference to what it is NOT. Science and religion both have this in common.

Science is finally coming up with ways of describing and theorizing what shamans, witches, healers, priests, spiritual workers, sadhus... what they have known for all of human existence. This happened once before (remember the Renaissance?), when the logic of the sciences deviates and overlaps into the unknown territory of spirit. Those set upon the path of change by stepping outside the mainstream ways of thinking, the innovators and path burners, I know what propels us... what compels us to play devils' advocate through reflective art, satire, the calling out of hypocrisy; for Truth is in the missing essence, as we can only prove what it is NOT.

So what does this mean, all the dark energies and matter? Does it scare the crap out of those who only wish to stay in the light? Where it is safe spiritually and physically? This energy is not opposition, it is neither/nor and that to our linear thinking is unstable. It is in this un-making, traveling on uncharted territory which we can experience what in Zen is referred to as 'suchness': Be-ing present in a moment, knowing there is no good or bad, there is nothing and you are everything. This energy is not 'dark', it is only impervious, objective in a Multiverse that supports itself. This is that last part of the pentacle, the element combined with fire, water, air, and water... the alchemy of spirit and unknown energies... a power which can go either way, natural. Science is reminding us of the potentiality waiting in the dark.