Savioress and Forested Protector

Emerald Tara We are approaching the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel of purging which has brought us to this very place. Sufferings are only the manifestation of fear and the next Tara battles them with grace and love. Green Tara is still a wrathful Mother, but Her ferocity is for protecting Her children. As Sengdeng Nagchi Drolma, Tara reaches out as a tree; wherever Her branches shelter they also create the darkness of shadow. It seems a lot, but Tara is just the gal to take on what is referred to as the 'Eight Great Fears'. In Her hand is the wheel of dharma, the eight spokes spinning out in all directions as a vehicle of wisdom. She can focus this illumination in Her mudra of protection.

Fear can be external as well as internal, faced over and over in spiritual life. It is as a hydra, with one fear finally being conquered it seems another three rear their heads. By having special knowledge and the persistence of seeking out Buddha nature, our efforts can be blessed with Sengdeng Nagchi Drolma. She is in our corner, standing as spiritual sentinel. She is the one who gets us pumped up, rolls up Her sleeves and helps to face the eight-headed fear manifested: demonic beings/spirits, poison/jealousy, fire/anger, elephants/ignorance, water and ocean/inner fear and desire, robbers/wrong beliefs, imprisonment/stubbornness and attachment. The potential is there, in each of us... we need only be ready to face these fears; name them, confront them, and with Tara's wheels rolling so quickly circumventing your entire being, traveling in and out of the chakras. Nothing can hurt us again.


As Mother of the Buddhas, I call forth the power and presence of the savioress Seng.deng Nag.chi I give to you my body, heart, and soul with the courage to face my fears head on and deflect them into oblivion. May all sentient beings realize their own potential strength and Buddha nature in such a way they may never fear again. Send your green light onto this heart and protect it from all poisons, fears and demons.