Power in the Blood

Whom she will she greatly aids and advances: she sits by worshipful kings in judgement, and in the assembly whom she will is distinguished among the people. And when men arm themselves for the battle that destroys men, then the goddess is at hand to give victory and grant glory readily to whom she will. Good is she also when men contend at the games, for there too the goddess is with them and profits them:and he who by might and strength gets the victory wins the rich prize easily with joy, and brings glory to his parent” - Thesiod, from Theogony

My Catholic upbringing was not compatible with the things I experienced and saw as a kid; I was always told my imagination was 'wild' and only the Holy Spirit could keep me safe. I didn't buy it: why would God send a dove to protect me? I identified more with the blessed mother Mary, but even She seemed so far removed from me, busy with all the rosaries being prayed to Her everywhere... I didn't know who the right Saints were, but was impressed with the images of armored angels. So I started talking to them, asking for whoever my Guardian Angel was to protect whilst I slept at night from the spirits I sensed around me. Hekate Apotropaios ('averter of evil') was the protective Mother who I needed as a kid. She was the Guardian Angel I spoke to, asked for vengeance when made fun of at school, strength for facing fears, and healing when I was unwell. It wasn't until I became the blasphemous teenager that I dropped my belief in Angels. By accepting their existence, it was almost like me accepting the entire Abrahamic branch in the spirituality tree; why I have not pursued the grimoire magicks and other Western traditions because of the heavy Christian overtones to all the rituals and terminology. I am only now beginning to realize in the context of the time period, this is the jargon they had to work with and so we're stuck with it; most of the ideologies are much older than the Hebrew Genesis anyway.

As a new traveler on the roads in the Underworld, I have learned to be cautious and cynical. Apotropaios is my bodyguard as I explore the possibilities and potentials within my spiritual life. She holds the spell which binds, the stitches to pull, and mirror as shield. She is friend to witches, herbalists, and midwives, protecting all devotees when asked for it; swift as it comes riding on Her scythe. As a halo about the moon, Her light shines around us giving our armour a red tint. With the power of blood from our bodies, our sacrifices, or fruits of our labors, we can make that humble connection with this great Goddess.Hekate steps in only when we cannot handle a situation ourselves; after all how will we learn if She cleans up all our messes? It's the Mother who has our back, no matter what we know we can fall back on Her. The thing is though, we have to keep that communication loud and clear. This has been a new thing for me because I tend to talk too much; but in my listening I have been guided in my acquisition of skills and experience. The blood is a symbol of perseverance, being patient and diligent in the offerings and workings petitioning for Her aid has paid off. I feel ready to step forward in whichever direction She leads me... Hekate hasn't steered me wrong yet!