Tara of Deep Peace

Purity in Wisdom

When everything has finally become a puddle of sludge, there is only the nothingness of a blank canvas. We can break ourselves down with acceptance or fight it, but either way sometimes we have to hit 'rock bottom' before we bounce back up. Buddhism essentially teaches how through non-attachment we can keep from hitting that desperate point in our transformation...but that is easier said than done for most of us. We still get angry on the road when someone cuts us off, or when we see great injustices done. It is most difficult to walk around and be a complacently blissed out being, whilst still part of this world of emotional responses. Tara as Rabzhima has an offer we cannot refuse.

This Tara is white as the glowing moonlight which also appears to have a golden glow, but when you see it here on Earth it's more like silver. This is how Her purifying energy comes to use, Rabzhima pours it from an elegant vase; the lotus on which it stands is blue with the vessel radiating a golden glow. As the silvery nectar drizzles out onto our ethereal bodies, it pushes out the sludge of everyday emotional baggage, revealing a clean surface beneath to rebuild upon. She is white in Her peaceful way, not invasive or intense in the cleansing. Rabzhima's blessing is one of freedom, being liberated of our past clinging or emotional patterns. After the pummeling, destroying and general stripping down to the bare bones, we are generally sore and tender in our exposure. There might be a film of negatives left tarnishing our spirit, so as a soothing liquid balm Rabzhima's nectar flows over the wounds washing out any impurities which may still be lingering. She is gentle in Her purifying, removing anything that might be manifested into an infection later on, leaving behind a squeaky clean being with nothing left but spiritual potential.


Tara who is Rab.she.ma, I give to you my body, heart and soul. Blessed Tara of deep purifying peace, shower me with your cleansing nectar. Anoint me with your refining touch so that I may share this bliss with all those who come before me.