PBP: “N” is for Not Really Here

I realize only NOW that I am about to miss the deadline set weekly for my blog posts. Sometimes I feel like skipping and figure no one would NOTICE, but I would. I am sitting here with blue manic panic on my head, house cleaned, sheets changed as I finish one visitor leaving and another set coming to house sit the pets whilst my husband, daughter and I travel to Southern California for our family Disneyland vacation. I have NOT been to Disneyland in roughly 25 years... and this is for several reasons. For starters, I hate the Los Angeles area in general, the traffic, the people, everything just makes me NERVOUS. Letter N from the Fantastic Alphabet, 1465 engraving.

Another, which is really just an afterthought, I have NEVER set foot back into the magic kingdom since I was 10... and lost my parents was I was spit out of the vortex that was the electric light parade, ending up on the other side of Sleepy Beauty's castle. I just NEEDLESS to say, I was slightly traumatized. I should have seen the signs earlier in the day, around NOON at lunch a bird pooped on my arm. It was hot, white, and made me NO longer hungry.

So as I prepare the pilgrimage to the “Happiest Place On Earth”, the NOUMENIA is at hand with a fresh perspective during this mercurial retrograde. Facing these fears of childhood's past, preparing myself for the NEW adventure I am going to have with my NIECES, daughter and husband, all are sacred ways of honoring the Kindred. Until NEXT time folks... enjoy the NEW moon.