Night Wandering Queen

“Come infernal, terrestrial, and heavenly Bombo (Hecate),

goddess of the broad roadways, of the crossroad,

thou who goest to and fro at night, torch in hand, enemy of the day.

Friend and lover of darkness,

thou who doest rejoice when the bitches are howling and warm blood is spilled,

thou who art walking amid the phantom and the in place of the tombs,

thou whose thirst is blood, thou who doest strike chill and fear in mortal hearts,

Gorgo, Mormo, Moon of a thousand forms, cast a propitious eye on our sacrifice.”

- by Hippolytus, from Philosphumena


I have always been able to experience ghostly apparitions. I do not talk to them and generally try to ignore them, but have had several encounters in my life, profound enough for me to know there is some sort of “life after death” scenario that occurs when we die. Sometimes I can even SMELL them; I once had an old man living in my bathroom who made it reek of Old Spice whenever he made an appearance, shortly thereafter I sent him off to a better place and he was grateful for it. Sometimes I think they are simply an overlapping imprint of a memory, or the feelings from their death keep them connected to this world causing them to be trapped almost. Hekate Aidonaia ('Lady of Hades'), Nykteria ('She of the night') is the guide they are searching for... the one who can bring them to the portal towards Eleusian Fields or caverns of Tartarus.

"Hekate" by Hellfurian

Any being who has power over the Dead is to be revered and often feared... for if they have such influence then it is frightening to think how they could control the living. Spirit summoning, communicating with the Dead, honoring the Ancestors... all are part of Her necromantic sphere. It is only natural that a devotee or witch of Hekate be well versed in at least one of these areas of practice... Her relationship with the Dead is so close, it would be almost sacrilegious not to. This is not evil, satanic (although it can be and there is nothing wrong with that EITHER), or 'dark'; it is as natural a process in life as birth... and She is present at both times in Her devotees lives. When a soul shines with the spark of potentiality, serves Her, and seeks communion with Her, I think it catches Her attentions. Once She gets us in grasp, She doesn't like to let go. I think this is also why many devotees feel She is a selfish Goddess in Her worship; not liking to share... they confuse or interpret this as a single-focused relationship. There are benefits to complete attentions given only to Hekate; but She also understands when we have other obligations and loves as well... I feel blessed She even shows any affections at ALL. The Gods don't stop existing if we do not give offerings, prayers, attentions; they are all simply ancestors in one form or another and we must remember Hekate is older than dirt.

She is a most ancient necromancer, in touch with the death current which surrounds all things; Hekate shares title with Persephone/Kore as Queen of the Underworld/Dead. Whilst She does not actually rule Hades, Hekate has the power to come and go as She pleases throughout all the realms (unlike Persephone). It is She who leads the maiden to the surface each year to reunite with Her mother Demeter in Spring. As a Chthonic deity, Hekate is associated with contradictions: She is both the deepest of dark and the brightest of light; She is Mother and Maiden, and sometimes post-modern Crone; She is midwife and death bringer. It is no wonder She is misunderstood and perceived in so many ways! She IS the Lady of the WAYS.

Aidonaia Hekate, be my guide as I too wander in the realm of the underworld. Allow me to travel your roads, assisting the Dead in whatever way you see fit to use my talents. I place myself in your hands, Mother of Night.