She Who Holds the Moon

By the Light of Tara

There is something awesome and spellbinding about the moon, this is reflected in the multicultural mysteries and folklore as part of human experience. The lunar shine is somewhat watery in it's ebbing and flowing, pulling parts of us from within and without ourselves. It is said in the East the spirit of the moon is like a Hare, or Rabbit; a strange site is to see the bunnies out in the field standing straight up gazing at the moon. In the lotus, Maja Chenmo holds the moon with the rabbit looking out at all who gaze upon it.

Maja Chenmo is called the 'great one of the peacock', for like this strange bird She can take poisons and turn it into something beautiful. She counteracts toxicity in our bodies as a form of natural medicine, removing the latent chemicals and pharmaceuticals which we take into ourselves for 'healing'. The impure waters, unhealthy soil, and polluted air are all a reflection of what is happening within our selves; and vice versa. From within and without we are trying to solve problems in ways which cause more...when really the solution is simple; difficult yes, but simple. Living compassionately eliminates all conflicts and poisons in our lives; it is an effect from Maja Chenmo's blazing light which reaches down through Her lunar medium. Her blessings come down as ripples, waves on a still and stagnant pond. She is gentle and nurturing, having a special place in the lives of children and babies. The water curls are playful, splashing and spraying a cleansing mist over all Her children.

maja chenmo


By the light of the moon, I call forth the power and presence of the brilliantly lit In your lunar rays, I give to you my body, heart and soul. Pledging completely to compassionate acts of kindness, I request you illuminate every atom of my body. May this light ripple and reach out to others who come before me; eradicate all poisons where I walk so the world can be a safe place for our children in the present and future.