PBP: “M” is for Miscellaneous

Making Magickal Mischief.

I love to travel astrally, mess with my friends in dreams, and connect them with the magickal shenanigans I get myself into. For example, I was having a serious problem of having devotional candles explode... I went about the task of determining the problem after scientifically approaching the situation. I bought candles from very different sources, in different colors, dressed or left bare in different ways... every time I still got the same results until I divined the answers needed to stop the chaos. No one had a clue why this was happening, and I feel so bad for having one through purple wax and glass all over a friend's living room too. The mischief had led to something going awry.

"Atalanta Fugiens Emblem", Michael Maier.

Mercury and Mindfulness

It is to be expected we have some messiness during this time of seeming chaos; add to it the illusion of the planet Mercury going 'backwards' in it's movement around our sun. The problems seem to be mainly with communication including: computers, telecommunications, technology, contracts, the written and spoken word, phone calls, travel... are seem to be affected by this thrice yearly phenomenon. As someone born under this planet, and skeptical of astrology, this is something I definitely watch for when making plans. Even my atheist husband who works with computers daily knows this is when "the shit hits the fan" and gears up for problems to come. We have made it work for us... I tend to internalize my dialog a lot more, Be-ing more mindful in my communications, and try not to start anything new. Accepting the chaos is a new freedom.

Mystical Mushrooms for Me.

I acquired some chocolate covered magic mushrooms... you know, the kind which hippies eat? In my magical cabinet, sitting next to the flying ointments and graveyard dirts, the foil wrapped sacrament waits for a time when I can be away from family, in a quiet space alone, and taken for purposes I have not explored with this fungal friend before. It's not to say I am 'inexperienced'... on the contrary, I am VERY. The thing is, I want to eat the mushrooms in a sacred circle, with Hekate as my guide and protectress as I travel through the nine realms to accomplish magickal feats of success. This will also be a test before following the call of Goddess Ayuasca. I tread carefully through this poison garden, knowing and respecting the spirit of these plants.

Mighty Muerte and Memento Mori.

Back to exploding candles... turns out of deceased Godfather doesn't like my non-Christian spiritual path and has decided to try and make me stop. Well, I had to inform him that this wasn't going to be happening so we had to come to an agreement. My Uncle was the kind of guy who liked to 'wheel and deal', so we agreed on no more mischief and he'll be rewarded with Pepsi. So far the contract is being honored, but I feel our work is still not over. I did not really like this man much in life... he wasn't really someone our family could trust, someone who would sue his own mother, steal meds from the cabinet, or jewelry. I get the feeling he is realizing the mistakes of his life and might be reaching out to me because I listen. At first this worried me, but I have many ancestral allies who would whip him into shape should he step out of line. I will go along with the path my spirit work is going, take Hekate's hand and be lead down those boney stairs where the Dead wait to be honored, remembered, or have some kind of legacy gifted to make their afterlives much more bearable. After all, I hope that someday my daughter will remember me with a simple candle and cup of peppermint tea when I am gone and turned to dust.

Malicious Motivations Made of Misuse.

Although I am trying to be a more compassionate person, I receive such exhilaration when I see justice being served... even more so when it is someone who had done me wrong. I figured she made her bed and can now lay in it... and she is so lucky that I AM trying to be more compassionate. In some traditions, a teacher will psychically/magickally attack the student, filling their visions with demons and doubt; much like the marines who break you down to build you back up. Fortunately for me, I saw her approach is much like many of the 'newbies' coming to witchcraft and the occultic arts these days: outcasts/dorks/hipsters trying to 'belong', to have power, and/or to seem spooky. Well these are all the wrong reasons and eventually these people leave... it's like those folks who walk around with a guitar, dressed like a rock star but don't know a single chord because they rarely practice. An skill or art take work... even for the people who have natural abilities, they must work at it to maintain control. So in my compassion, I think we are doing a great disservice to these up-coming witchy-poos by holding their hand gently, telling them which books to read, sell them special tools, charge for powdery readings which tweeze out all the work they should be finding for themselves. By giving them the work, letting them identify what it is for themselves, and maybe even a few hard lessons in psychic defense are more what folks need these days.

Might doesn't make Right, only Maybe.

The Law of the land is not always what is ethically Right, and vice versa... as we saw with the overturning of Proposition 8 out here in California and gay folks are able to get married like everyone else. At the same time, on the other coastline we have people anxiously watching the Zimmerman trial; believing even before it began, through evidence presented on the internet and television, that George Zimmerman is immediately guilty of allegedly murdering the Treyvon Martin kid. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? In our liberal, sensitive, touchy-feely 'society' people sure are one-sided. If this was a black man who shot a white kid, would they still feel the same? Would there be as much media attention in favor of the white kid who died?

We are a country of hypocrites, pure and simple. The world laughs at us, feels sorry for the minority of thinkers who are still here hiding in the shadows, waiting for the limelight to finally flicker out so we can get back to real life and be done with “reality' on the television. Parents raising their kids and kids taking care of their parents in old age; knowing where our food comes from and how to make it; walking and running not for sport; these are very simple human activities our ancestors did for thousands of years, and we have forgotten. Let us remember and think for ourselves... those who can will lead by example and those who cannot will be left in the dust, the way nature intended. Learn it, live it, or leave it alone, no matter what we do the lesson is coming to us all.