Magickal Armor

The Umbrella of Tara Many of us in the pagan community also practice magick; which I spell with the infamous 'k' so as to differentiate between the stage magic of a prestidigitator and the enchantments/sorcery involved with witchcraft, including other mystical workings. Whilst most of the work done tends to be in alignment with healing and not harming others, there are some who would psychically attack or curse for whatever reason. Just in case, it is always good to know how to protect ourselves and those we love. Even if we do not know how to do this, we can be protected from malignant magicks sent by others who might be trying to hinder our development. Either through jealousy or other ill intentions, we cannot always just throw back what others are sending at us; there is still a cosmic balance to be kept and retaliating is almost the same as instigating a situation. Passive resistance is much more effective and a nonviolent means of justifying an end; and without taking on others karmic debt.

Tara as Dugkarmo holds an umbrella over us, protecting specifically from black magick attacks and hindrances in our practice. The shade She provides is cast by Her virtuous light, overwhelming to dark motivations. In all the realms, even the Gods and other higher beings cannot penetrate those under Her protection. It is an auspicious shelter, similar to the cobra who provided comfort for Buddha as He sat in meditation by spreading it's enormous hood. Whatever others throw at us simply slides away on the umbrella, like rain. Let others get wet, whilst we stay and focused in our progress.


I call forth the power and great presence of the Tara Under the shelter of your auspicious umbrella I give to you my body, heart, and soul. With your splendid light, cover my body as an shining armor of Dharma; reflecting your protective rays on everyone who comes before me.