PBP: “L” is for Lucifer

The time has finally come for me to explore the darker side of my horned God that lingers in the background. For so long I conceived of this Be-ing as Cernunnos, Herne, or any number of heathen masculine greatness. I do not believe in Jungian archetypes, so they are not all exactly the SAME Be-ing so much as they are brothers in a fraternal order in which Lucifer is the council adviser. The word 'lucifer' is much older than Christians give credit for ... as a matter of fact, it came from a Hebrew description meaning 'morning star' or 'shining one'. Similarities to the adversarial Be-ing this title is associated with have been found with deities from Babylon. But this is not going to be a history lesson on the Devil, or the etymology on the word 'lucifer' since this has been done to death.... I merely wish to contemplate a place the Light-bringer would have in my praxis. Photo courteousy of Luc Viatour / www.Lucnix.be

The fascination with Lucifer began as a child... like most weird little kids who grew up Catholic I always kinda felt sorry for Him; kicked outta Heaven for Be-ing jealous of God's love for the weak little humans He made. As I grew older and refused to accept the dualist dichotomy of the whole 'good and evil' bullshit, the first occult book I picked up was Anton Levy's “The Satanic Bible”. Here was a guy not afraid of Satan... and I wasn't either only that I didn't believe in Him. However, Lucifer was another matter; this was a Be-ing I knew had been here a lot longer. He invaded dreams sometimes as an all black man with a mask on, someone I didn't necessarily battle but had to keep at bay from anyone I loved. This shadow self was not really ME, but an outside trickster who wasn't so much playful but wanted to give illumination.

Later I explored academically the paths of Luciferian thought, the Church of Satan, and ideologies from the Temple of Set. I still see the 'black and white' speak... the dualism of A-theist and Theist; the small light in darkness juxtaposed to the small darkness which comes with light. Acceptance and work in the black realm consisted of psychological mumbo jumbo (archetypal 'deific masks'), self-indulgence and enjoyment of the flesh. This sounds great and works for others who need to release those inhibitions, Christian scars and hangups they might have about themselves... but it doesn't work when you want to SEE behind the great and powerful Lucifer's black curtain.

I want to go beyond the smoke and mirrors with Hekate as my guide. I see these two paired together in the Hekatean community and cannot help but think of them as the Chthonic equivalent of Laverne and Shirley: not sexually active together, one prim and proper but a tiger if pushed (Hekate/Shirley) and the other louder, tougher with a heart of gold (Lucifer/Laverne). Well I don't want to be like Carmine, coming around to help them when needed or to serenade Hekate with flowers and hymns. I want to be in a Ménage à trois with these two, spiritually speaking. I want Hekate to guide me into the realms of the Light-bringer. Together with Her torches and His flaming heart the shadows of doubt, fear and anger can be out shined, eradicated, and finally chased into oblivion. I am ready to burn for this, cast myself into the combined fires of their Witchflame and shed mortal flesh to be released. Freedom has a price and to express it whilst still staying in this unhealthy, misshaped body is the hardest part of my path right now... Hekate has helped my spirit to soar, now Lucifer will show the power waiting inside my body.