Longevity and Passive Defense

Blazing Light of Tara

If ever there was a shortcut to enlightenment, it will be through the grace of the final Tara, Lhamo Ozer Chenma. Her light blasts away any lingering negative energies which may come in the form of the walking dead (rolangs or those who have misused mantras) or as yakshas (“harm givers”) which are a lot like what some call psychic vampires who leech onto the vitality of living beings. Ozer Chenma grants longevity and a 'pacifying' peace...one which no longer requires the fierceness of Tara in Her wrathfulness, but totally encompassing the passiveness which comes without taking. In Her lotus is a golden fish, a beautiful jewel in the pond of serenity. Like this fish we are encouraged to glide around the waterways, allowing the current to wash over us without fighting for dominance. Little effort is needed as the traveling becomes more natural, there is no second guessing or attention to distractions for eradication...at this point we can simply slide over any rocks which may create rough waters. To be mutable and free flowing is the message of this Tara whose light is blazing and offering an opportunity to escape the hard work of spiritual life in favor of one enriched in peaceful passivity. It is not weakness...it is the balance for all our efforts through the journey of Tara. We have finally reached the state of true peace and fearlessness in our magickal and spiritual core.

ozer chenma

With peaceful intentions, I call for the the power and presence of Od.zer.chen.ma. In the light of your blazing stillness, I give to you my body, heart, and soul. May I be a shining example of your peace, leading to the awakening possibility in myself and all those who come before me. Destroy any harmful energies which may try to hinder my progress or pursuit of enlightenment; may it come swiftly and quietly.