LBRP Purification: Part Deux

***The following was written and dedicated to my magickal mentor and friend, Sam Webster.

I do not like the Lesser Pentagram.

I do not like it, Magician Sam.

I do not like to call on YHWH.

I do not like to say EHEIEH.

I do not like it with a blade,

Afraid of Harpocrates' sign made.

Not in the car, in park or tree,

Mr. Crowley, you let me be!

I could not, would not resonate Aiwass,

In my heart, Hekate is boss.

I tried it quickly in a shower,

Elemental waters to empower:

Slipped foot on soap at ADONAI,

Shampoo dripped in left eye.

I do not like it in front of family,

Playing along as mumbled calamity.

I do not like it here or there,

My toddler thinks it is a prayer.

I cannot wait til April's end,

Pentagrams no more to send.

I tried to like it, I really did,

Banishing negative energies to rid.

I won't give up, Magician Sam,

The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram.

The sign of Harpocrates.