PBP: “J” is for Job Searching

As most people familiar with my life know, I have been a stay-at-home mother and wife for the past 4 years (actually this summer will be 5). Due to the economy, and the fact my husband works in one of the only healthy industries these days, the opportunities for me to be the breadwinner were rather slim. There isn't a huge market for religious studies and we knew upon conceiving one of us would staying home with our daughter. I took advantage of this opportunity to explore my spirituality, work on a Master's degree, and learn what it is to fully be a woman. It was the greatest gift anyone could have ever given me, but my husband in some ways resents that he did not get to stay home. I understand this, but he also doesn't know this has also been more than a full time job. I wish my life was like the way he imagines it, like Peggy Bundy from the old classic “Married: With Children”: sitting around eating bon-bons, gabbing with the neighbors, and buying shoes. From the time I get up in the morning between a toddler, husband and two geriatric pets who want all want breakfast... it gets tough sometimes. The laundry, dishes, dinners, errands, groceries, paying bills, cleaning, yard work, no overtime, no vacations, no days off, and no time off except during sleep; and even then if someone gets sick, or wets the bed... who knows what nocturnal emergencies can erupt? But now I am ready for a career change and one that includes better benefits and mental stimulation. "The Librarian" by Giuseppe Arcimboldo (circa 1570).

I have pretty much finished my Master's in Library Information Science and have been sporadically applying for jobs. But this is not enough in a tough economy I have no experience with. Things have drastically changed since I was last employed prior to the 2008 fall; where once I could almost ALWAYS get an interview now I rarely get a rejection letter. The positions are limited, the applicants are overwhelming, and most people I know are manifesting their own jobs through the creative arts, entrepreneurship, or just growing marijuana.; it sucks for me because I am not an artist nor have a head for business, and would either smoke or give away all the marijuana. Jobs for writers have rarely existed, although they ARE out there.

So from a magickal perspective, I figure I need to amplify the efforts. Somewhere out there, is a job/career that is a perfect fit; and it doesn't even have to lie within the scope of my personal interests. If I could use the skills I have accumulated in college (not to mention the net worth of my brain), there is a niche where I will soar. As far as manifesting is concerned, I don't need money;  besides my money spells are radical and unpredictable hitting the people nearest me who need it (not always me). Producing a glamour is only helpful if I can get the interview and enchanting the resume is rather difficult when all the applications take place online. Re-inventing myself is needed as I've been living in limbo, an in-between place not entirely out in the community, but the ruler of my own little microcosmic universe. I have a smart haircut colored a normal shade of brownish, eyebrows plucked, fingers and toes manicured... now I just need to dress the part since yoga pants and flip flops aren't going to help. The mojo is already flowing... every time I apply for a position my husband gets a raise, or bonus, or some unseen financial boon comes; I think maybe the gods don't want me to work sometimes. All there is left for me to do now is keep my awareness focused on the peripheral and palms open to receiving whatever blessings my Gods might offer next.