PBP: “I” is for Identity

I am a Woman, born female of a female. When pregnant my daughter was inside my womb, holding my potential grandchildren within her womb, and so on into the infinite microcosm of the universe. I bleed, have breasts, and was told growing up I couldn't do a lot of things. No one can ever understand this unless they too have experienced it; they can try to empathize, or imagine, but it's never really the same thing. The mystery of the blood and milk of my body I  reclaim as sacraments of potent magic; containing human growth hormones and other life-creating molecules. If my body chose to it could create a child without the aid of a male; parthenogenesis does occur. My spirit chose this body for a reason and I accept it with faithful curiosity. I will not apologize or call myself otherwise. I am a Sister, by blood and choice to many siblings. Some are older, some wiser, but all I love and support with my spirit and heart. Forgiveness is easy with them, but hurt sometimes cannot be forgotten. I will embrace you, invite you into my world of creative imagination and endless possibilities. All I require is trust not to betray our promises of loyalty nor breaking oaths sworn on shorn hair. Be true to yourself and the mysteries we share together. Know we share the heart of sisterly love and a bond which goes beyond blood.

Plain ol' Fawn.

I am a Scholar, quick of mind and long of tongue. My voice is powerful, words flow like imbas through my spirit and onto the page/screen. I am a perpetual student, hungry for knowledge. I am the sleeping philosopher with Hedonist head and body separated by miles of confusion, they come together when peace is achieved. I am learning the ways of listening, attuning to quiet wisdom and hearing the voice of the Universe reveal secrets in archaic images and symbols. I know the language of the Otherworld, gestures of praxis, printed paradigms filled on shelves of the great Akashic library. Cautious relevancy and research lends to my careful approach. Information becomes knowledge on the esoteric and mundane landscapes, spiritual evolution opens minds and filters hearts against falsities filled with ego or ill-motives. I am skeptical of ghost-sightings, spirit conjuring/seance and other easily manipulated group experiences; but I am extremely tolerant of others' personal religious and spiritual paths. I will support the right of a hate group alongside an LGBT organization. I believe people have a right to be ignorant, but not disrupt another person's Will.

I am a Witch, pursuant to my ideology and belief system. I can manifest miracles, enjoy the unexpected, and communicate with spirits/deities/dead. I know the magic of herbs, how to heal and hex with them, the language spoken yet seldom heard. I can dream about the future, drop in to visit friends astrally, and travel through time (sometimes). I know my past lives and those who shared pasts with me. I can read the cards and reveal secrets from deep within you. I know vengeance and have the practice of patience on my side. Years can go by before I take action. Just know it is the Witch who chases down traitors, thieves, liars and other offenders of spirit. I shall sit on their chest, make it difficult for them to get up in the night to relieve themselves. Rotting houses from the inside out, losing touch with everything that once was sweet, now turned sour. The Witch in me knows how to dig in and get the work done.

I am a Priestess, by right of my own. I do not need another human to make me so. Hethert has placed the mantle about my shoulders, the Morrighan crowned me with personal sovereignty, hands blessed to heal in the name of Buddha, and Hekate governs mind, body and soul... given over to Her Will. I have anointed the dying, joined families in marriage, and gave protection to the weak. My powerful voice evokes and invokes with precision, no God can resist my call of presence. I am a natural leader and loyal follower. I pass the torch and share privilege of service. The years of teaching, inspiring, nurturing natural talents, answers for seekers who approach with challenges... my role is not done. I have hidden myself away, in the cave to tend wounds, heal burns of ignorance and hypocrisy. I will never be caught off guard again, since the rules of the game are understood to be ever-changing, so must I be.