The House of Tara

Protectress Against Robbers and Thieves

Nothing leaves us more vulnerable than being robbed; knowing someone has been through your things materially or if they were a friend who exploited your giving nature with a good ol' fashioned back-stab are a few ways this can happen. Either through physical or emotional violence, this Tara is Pagme Nonma, a fiery Lady who perpetuates nonviolence. She is the advocate for freedom fighters everywhere, keeping them safe during political actions or protests. Armed with dharma in the form of a golden stupa arising from the lotus in Her hand, the little small building is a reminder of the Buddha's life here on earth. Stupas are sacred mounds or specifically shaped buildings to hold various objects associated with the Buddha or housing the ashes of Buddhas. They're similar to what are referred to in Christianity as reliquaries; a place of pilgrimage for devotees who wish to seek out a connection with a holy person from this realm, hoping some of their attributes can be transferred through veneration. As holy places often are the depository for golden offerings or other things of value, they are also the target of thieves and robbers.

The stupa of Tara Pagme Nonma is a fortified reliquary of truth which cannot be taken; She also has the power to stop any who may have malign intent from approaching the treasure. She is better than any security system because She does not just sound the alarms, She actually prevents the theft from taking place. Her power can stop mountains of the mundane, Pagme Nonma is a vehicle of peace. The wheels of motivation simply cannot bear the force of Her mantra, She is a conduit for the winds of protection.

Pagme Nonma

Golden as the warmth of a sunset, I call forth the power and the presence of Tara I give to you my body, heart, and soul. Please shine your protective light on any persons with malicious intent, who may otherwise steal from me or those who come before me. May all my deeds and actions be in accordance with the true path to enlightened being.