30 Days of Hermes: Evolving Relationship

Day 26: How has your relationship with this deity changed over time?

It is ironic this post is getting out late, considering last night instead of sitting in front of my laptop...I was sitting in front of a huge Herm. The copal was thick, the drink heady with life from the yeast. I offered a yellow squash of phallic wonderment from my garden; zucchini, squash, japanese egglant, sunflowers... all sun-loving and masculine plants. I sang “Father's Milk and Mother's Blood” making the glyph of Mercury on the warm wood. The golden light of His lamp, the scent of His breath...Hermes was very much present as our Hermetikoi accepted another Dedicant into our ranks.

Over the past year of service and devotionals, I now see Hermes everywhere; the words on this screen, the energy behind propelling the internet, moving information, the circuitry in my motherboard. I am bathing and immersing in the Hermetic current which is He. I would never have thought this God would become part of my life; Hermes was always approachable, more like the occasional 'ping', it was reciprocal relationship. Devotional work is JUST that... devotion. I ask for nothing unless it is necessary, and then only if there is something great in it for them. I figured it's like a friendship developing: I would never think of having a budding companion over for dinner only to ask for a favor. Well, this is how many people approach the Gods… with the motivations of reciprocity only, “I give so that you might give”. No... I give food and drink as to a guest in my home; I enjoy their company, hoping that also their influence might rub off and inspire me to be a better person. Hermes and I are pretty well acquainted at this point, as I talk to Him daily for advice and inspiration. I give a spiritual 'nod' to His handiworks, the travelers and scribes I bless in my heart. But it is still like an online friend I have not met face to face. I am patient and know some friendships are worth developing slowly.

Hermes Fastening his Sandal, early Imperial Roman marble copy of a Lysippan bronze (Louvre Museum)

Hermes Fastening his Sandal, early Imperial Roman marble copy of a Lysippan bronze (Louvre Museum)

Day 27: Worst misconception about this deity that you have encountered

This question seemed like was already answered several weeks back.... I believe it was Day 9. Unlike many other deities I have encountered, there really doesn't appear to be many misconceptions about Hermes. For example, Hekate...She is seen to many as an old Crone when really She is a Maiden, as the lore all suggests. It is only after Shakespeare's "Macbeth" does the guise of Hekate take on the role of old hag. Hermes, on the other hand, has always appeared in many different ways... He is a master of illusions, known to appear as an old man or a youthful shepherd. He wanders like Odhinn, a friendly traveler on the road; a popular messenger of fortune. May He always change and ever evolve, as do we. )O+