30 Days of Hermes: Mundane Practice

Day 15: Any mundane practices that are associated with this deity?

As a longtime household deity, Hermes is happy to help in many mundane ways. Far from ordinary, and not quite over the top, Hermes is accessible to all classes and castes; however I have a feeling He prefers the “under dogs”. Gambling, writing, driving, traveling in any way, selling or buying goods, working out or any form of athleticism...these are ALL ways to engage in 'mundane practices' with Hermes. He can be invoked for overseeing contracts, sending important mail, removing malware/spyware/viruses from your computer, or any other activity involving His domains. Prayers offered to Hermes when Mercury goes retrograde over our computers and cellphones wouldn't hurt either.

Hermes as a stamp. Tirage de Paris - 1 Lepton, by Louis Fanchini.

Hermes as a stamp. Tirage de Paris - 1 Lepton, by Louis Fanchini.

So how can we engage Him more in our daily, secular activities? A simple practice would include repeating a mantra through your head whilst running or swimming (something I have recently begun in my own practice), blessing money before spending or gambling with it, or maybe making the hermetic symbol or glyph for Mercury over your car/bike/bus/plane seat for safety during travel. I have a special dedicated candle for Hermes devotionals, but I also tend to light it up when I need some extra Hermetic “oomph”: inspiration for writing, a good night's sleep or undergoing some mental challenge.

Listening to music, in general, is a great way to connect and incorporate the energy of Hermes into your life. Inventor of the lyre, the panpipes, patron of lyrical poetry and mad music...what better way to celebrate or commune! Here is a "soundtrack" for Hermes I am putting together on YouTube for public enjoyment. Got a suggestion? Let me know!