30 Days of Hermes: Modern Issues

Day 13: What modern cultural issues are closest to this deity’s heart?

As THE premiere messenger of the Gods, Hermes cares very much about communication issues. What better time than the Information Age for Hermes to make a comeback? If He does not rule it, I bet He at least inspired the guys who invented the world wide web. Technology is exploding in this new Aeon, developing at an exponential rate and changing the way people live. Hermes is the patron of not only the internet, but the travelers online; gatekeepers, lock-breakers, content creators and developers...all work in the current of His form. Issues such as Internet Anonymity and Privacy are near and dear to His heart.  The trickster part of Him would definitely encourage the work of cyber-terrorists, open source media and new currency development; I think modern Hermes would endorse Bitcoins.

Statue of Hermes. Marble, Roman copy after a Greek original of the early 4th century BC.

Statue of Hermes. Marble, Roman copy after a Greek original of the early 4th century BC.

Although He is not really known as a God of Justice, Hermes is a great provider of protection against thievery, being lied to or other swindled/tricked. He encompasses the entrepreneurial spirit needed in our developing economy, where jobs are scarce and cost of living is higher. The scales are not in balance as power corrupts, a trickle of poison effecting everyone. The Gods are not receiving their due because our pocketbooks are tight. I hear devotees and pagans alike complain they spend more time and money trying to keep it all together, so cannot focus on the spiritual work. I say, MAKE it the Work!

Father of Commerce, traveler in this Aeon,

Lord Hermes, give us good things, Dôtor Eaôn.

As keeper of coins, blessedly loose thy purse

With golden rod raised to banish this curse

Upon the heads of Devotees, Dedicants and Priests,

Mighty fire-starter and slayer of beasts.