Prosperity in Spiritual Discipline

Golden Tara of Wealth and Increased Merit As might be considered in a most approachable Goddess, Tara brings blessings in many forms. As Norjunma, or Sonam Tobche in Tibetan, the yellow or golden colored Tara is the bestow-er of wealth in many different ways...more than a physical and tangible wealth of the external world. The Golden Tara is relaxed, yet an expontential energy that manifests several times over. She gives the blessings of increased merit in our practice; in other words, every mantra is amplified karma. She is an expander of goodness, offering the riches of spiritual life drenched in the golden rain of luck and prosperity for a contagious generosity. If we aspire to spiritual heights, we must also be vehicles of blessings for others; sharing the wealth of both our external and internal fortune.

In Her hand the Golden Tara holds a magical gem which grants wishes, but this can only be accessed by those who wish to be purified in the six paramitas, the goals of perfect being and enlightenment. She gives for the benefit of other sentient beings, radiating pure joy, accepting transcendent morality, releasing all ego, promoting tolerance and patience with a combined focus necessary to attain liberation. We do not need to have all these attributes already to be granted the wishes, we need only to strive for these traits in our character and lives. Not only will our efforts be met with the blessings from Tara, but the expanding growth will spread out into the external world, blessing all beings who cross our paths. Today, let us strive for the wish fulfillment of all sentient beings, may they be in alignment with Tara's golden currents of good fortune.

norjunmaI call forth the power and presence of, the Golden Lady Tara. I give you my body, heart and soul. Empower me completely with immense monetary and spiritual force so that I may use it within the context of compassion and healing for all those who come before me.