Invincible, Flaming One

Indestructible Tara Who Cuts In a blue-black hue surrounded by smoke and rain, Tara sits in the center of a blazing fire, gnashing Her teeth like a vampire. If black Tara is the equivalent of Kali, this one is most like Hekate with Her flaming blade that cuts loose any known, or unknown, inner demons from our spiritual lives. She is the karmic soldier who roots out any misuses of magic, mantras or powers we are afflicted with; either caused by ourselves or inflicted upon us by others. Any toxic influences are severed ties with, Zhengyi Mithubma will release us from them: ignorance, attachment, unnatural or unharmonious feelings and thoughts are quickly sliced away with Her flaming sword. These can sometimes manifest into the external world as misfortune not only in our own lives, but those of others as earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires. Although it may seem destructive and chaotic, it is within the realm of nature to 'clean house' every once in a while to restore balance; such is our spiritual nature as well.

Her fire is one of grace, the flame of knowledge that can become out of control and wild for the untrained. However, in the right hands this fire is the light of gnosis, inspiration from a deep dark place or the uncultured dreams waiting like pearls in the rocky beds of oysters. With Her left leg down She sends white energy down, with the right leg She pushes the red energy up; one being peaceful and the other more active elemental forces of the universe. With practice, a magician can learn to run these currents as well...dissipating any and all spells or curses thrown at them. Ordinary feelings are destroyed, our hands recoil from attachments of the material world as we reach inside ourselves for the mantra of Zhengyi Mithubma, inner Tara of the deep.


Severed and surrendered, I call forth the power and presence of, Tara the invincible. I give you my body, heart and soul. Pledging completely to the process that brings the alleviation of suffering to all sentient beings, I request my life, plans, and magical aspirations catch fire with your divine flame.