Fiery Destruction for Peace

Tara Who Protects From War

War is an inevitability in our world; humans have been fighting each other for as long as we have existed it seems. Whether one group fights another for resources such was water or land, or the fights break out in families among siblings...battle is almost as inherent in our experience as the potentiality for peace. So the question is, can Tara as the wrathful Yulle Gyalma eradicate ALL wars on this planet? Well, that depends: is every person asking for Her graces? Because if they were, I can say with most certainty that we would be living in a more peaceful world. And why is this? Well, it is because Yulle Gyalma works through us, not for us. She can protect and prevent insofar as we are capable of. In other words, we can pray night and day for Her to prevent the acts of violence going on in the Middle East, but essentially it is up to the people there (and in charge) to stop it. We can only pray for the protection of ourselves and for the people who make the decisions to have an awareness of peace. It might seem a little disheartening, but small gestures add up quickly in the universal karmic bank...our line of credit is dependent on the score we receive during our lifetimes.

Yulle Gyalma is wrathful in Her extremity. She is a dancer in the fire of enlightenment; burning up obstacles which hinder the process of suffering for all sentient beings. With Her vajra of fire, each point produces another vajre, and another, and another, reproducing exponentially. As the flames grow they create a circle of protection. This powerful fire also catches any emotions which may rise out of us, causing battles within our own selves. Destructive attitudes and thoughts are engulfed in Her fiery energy, indestructible and swift in Her clarity.


I offer up my anger and any destructive emotions or thoughts to the wrathful Tara, Yulle Gyalma. I surrender to you my body, heart and soul. May many sentient beings find the peace and protection needed from dangerous conflict in both the mundane and spiritual realms. Encircle my life with your protective fire.