Fearlessness in All the Realms

Tan Lady Tara, the Victorious Success is measured in different ways for different people. This Tara is reknowned for Her ability to gift long life, strengthening body and mind. She is also the one which many Buddhists pray to avoid an unpleasant incarnation, avoiding a possible rebirth into the lower realms of nature or into an inauspicious environment. This Tara is Namgyalma, sometimes called the Ushnishta Tara which refers to Her manifesting in the crown chakra of the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni. Her vase of Immortality is held in the center of a lotus, a tool for Her role as  protector of negative influences and unwelcome fears. Her antidote is the amrita, the nectar of revitalization and destroyer of harm, including self harm. She can help one to make transitions from this life, and into the next, relatively easier when Her mantra is practiced. Meditation on victory over obstacles of karma is something She can assist us with, helping us to overcome the baggage we bring from lifetime to lifetime. Her power is so strong, even the Gods pray to Her; since they also do not have an infinite amount of 'life-force' in them either and CAN be 'demoted' in a sense...depending on how they spend their time in the upper Buddhist realms of heaven.

Namgyalma restores the proper balance to all the chakras in the bodies, cascading down through the Crown into the etheric body system, re-charging and removing as necessary. Her color is a combination of the golden blessings and Red action shared with the other Taras, representing Her rapid activity in spiritual matters. Creating the situation within ourselves to realize the pure nature of our inner Buddhahood, Namgyalma dresses us in the spiritual armor we need to fight our internal battle in the pursuit of the perfection that is inherent already. She is the shieldmaiden disguised as a stewardess in our flight, making us comfortable whilst also making sure we are prepared for the battles to be faced.

NamgyalmaThis day, I call for the power and presence of the Tara Nam.ghal.ma, the Victorious One. I give you my body, heart, and soul. Pledging completely to the process that brings healing and cessation of suffering for all sentient beings, and to myself. I request that all my plans and aspirations in this lifetime be granted complete success, so all may have the chance at being reborn into the most auspicious situations karma will allow.