PBP: “E” is for Endings

Dear, beloved readers. I know you are out there...so many of you have been making yourselves known to me and it blesses my heart to hear it. I have come to the END of my one year with the Pagan Blog Project. I started late last year in this project...beginning with E is for Eden. I did not want to start with “A” and try to catch up, so my year of writing is different. And what timing!

An engraving showing two völvas (seeresses). Originally from Fredrik Sander's 1893 edition of the poetic Edda.

I am in the midst of re-vamping the blog, including some exciting interactive news regarding Our Mother Hekate, and recently dedicated my Self to Lord Hermes in a ceremony last Dark Moon. Things are getting busy again now I have returned for my SECOND attempt to finish this Master's in Library Information Science. There. I said it. This is me Be-ing vulnerable and real and raw and not caring who knows it now.

The skin has been shed, fresh new scales sparkle only in moonlight. A Chthonic Priestess is emerging...from the Orphic egg, a Völva is born again... and my blood is indominable. Stay tuned...