Harmony Replenished with Auspiciousness

Tara as the Keeper of Balance Sometimes it is difficult to keep things in harmony; balancing both a spiritual life with the many roles we fulfill as parents, employees, students, etc. is one of the most difficult tasks many of us face. If we own a house we need to work to pay for it, but what is the TRUE price? Is our livelihood in alignment with our personal values? Do we secretly long for the life of an ascetic, living with complete non-attachment to material things? It might be a possibility for some folks, but not all of us. Many of us have families and other responsibilities which we cannot simply turn our backs on even the slightest, but this does not mean we cannot have a fulfilling spiritual practice. We need to only make the time for ourselves, and invoke the yellow Tara Tashi Donje.

Tashi Donje brings with Her the blessings of the harvest; the reaping and sowing of our efforts are revealed in perfect unity. In this one moment of meditation, we have the ability to restore any imbalances in our physical and spiritual bodies; sloughing off the extra baggage which keeps us from being wholly prosperous. In Her crown there sits a crescent moon, radiating an energetic yellow shower of glitter. The sparkly confetti is thrown from the knot She holds in the lotus, as a sprinkler in the summer grass; soaking up where needed and trickling away if not absorbed. It finds all the parched and dry places easily, replenishing like a sponge. This cooling energy is refreshing, giving the effects of compassion, love and the deep peace associated with a balanced practice. Removing negative mental and emotional patterns is one way in which this renewed outlook changes how we understand the world, leaving a positive attitude and attraction for an auspicious way of living.

Tashi donje

I ask for the light of Ta.shi.don.je.ma to radiate my being. I surrender my body, heart, and soul completely so that all I do be in the work of divine auspiciousness. May you be a shining light in the darkness of my mind, replenishing the fountain of my spirit so it may quench the thirst of all who come before me.