Annihilator of Mara

Tara Who Brings Nothingness Cannot get much more gone than annihilate...there is no trace of it left. The only thing left to reveal is the fear manifested as distractions. Like a ninja, they are stealth engaging us in the illusions which fascinate and deter us from the path. We cannot simply ignore them...these are demons which can only wreck havoc is left to their own devices. Zhengyi Migyalma is the darkest red in color, again an action-oriented Tara. She who is invincible no longer squashes out the demon, pulverizing it into an abyss...She IS the nothingness which is not left, so to speak. There is hardly a memory of what was manifesting from within us, making sure there is nothing to cling to ever again as well; leaving no trail to follow in a moment of weakness.

As the practice has been moving through these darker aspects of Tara, I realize She is a necessary teacher in the exploration of the depths in which attachments are deeply rooted. Instead of spraying poisons on the weeds in my garden, the more difficult work of pulling and up-rooting is truly the best plan for attack to permanently change. And that is what I have been trying to do...attack the foundation of spiritual distractions; their tendrils and thorns finding their way and digging in, causing scratching and infection at my soul in the form of bitterness and jealousies. As the Buddha was tempted by the illusions of Mara with sex, power and false happiness, so am I taunted with short cuts and flashy, shiny pathways to ecstatic bliss. Real enlightenment and illumination requires real work; but once the space is emptied, there is room for the flowers to spread and thrive.

This dark red Tara, Zhengyi Migyalma, has a seriously powerful weapon to utterly destroy the maras without fear. It is the holy vajra: the thunderbolt of illumination combined with the diamond, sharp enough to cut anything and not be affected. It is an irreversible force... once we have tapped into this energy, there is no turning back. With the wrong intentions, there is no other self-defeating magic quite as strong. Exposing the rawness at the center of our fears is eventually rewarding. The nightmares are a Sunday walk for Her and She'll be waiting on the other side to pull us back together.

zhengyi_migyalmaFrom the depths of dark places, where I am afraid to go, I seek out the powerful presence of She, I give to you my body, heart and soul. Pledging completely to the process of alleviating suffering for myself and all other sentient beings I ask that you bless me with your abysmal love; help me to work through the distractions. Raise your flaming dorje to be the spark of sacred destruction against all influences which keep me from my path.