A Balancing Act

Mountain-Dwelling Mendicant

In saffron colors, dressed in scented leaves and bringing the fresh winds from mountains, the Tara Rito Loma Jonma comes to our side for healing of illness in several capacities. Her right eye is like the sun, left is the moon...contrasting energies of fire and coolness; one destroys, the other creates, in a harmony of the cosmos. Her mystery is restorative, clearing our bodies of dis-ease to allow for healing to commence. Rito Loma Jonma carries with Her a jar of healing herbs and supernatural medicines. This Tara has the ability to also heal sickness in our environment; closing old wounds and restoring the balance in nature as well. When we think of illness we tend to only consider the bodies of breathing, moving things like people and animals when really the plants and Earth are just as alive. Blowing the tops off mountains for fracking out coal, which is detrimental to the environment and living things in general, is one way in which we do this Bodhisattva a great disservice. She offers up compassion and comfort, we strip-mine and deforest. The power of Rito Loma Jonma comes from the breathe of trees, the old spirits of nature are Her children. She is the mists hanging on the mountains crawling down through the valleys. Her energy is much needed now and as a Tara, She travels and works swiftly.

The warm, dry season of summer is conducive to the fires which are burning in both forests and oil refineries here in the Northern California. Southern California is a geographical area ripe for thermal inversion, a trap for the smog caused by vehicles and factories. The air quality in the whole state is not as it should be...and the balance will be restored either through great effort by us humans, or the chaos Mother Nature will ensue eventually. Many illnesses and dis-eases are the results of environmental issues; increased cancer rates, behavioral and mental health problems...we are trapped and sinking in the muck of our own making. It takes a Savioress like Rito Loma Jonma to reach in and pull us out, clean the yuck off, and help us in restoring our otherwise harmonious nature. We reset back to 'default': our already perfect selves.

Rito Loma Jonma

With humility I call forth the power and presence of Ri.to.ma, the divine mendicant. I give to you my body, heart and soul to do with as you will, a vehicle for healing. Bless and empower all the actions of those who care for the sick, nurture and offer healing to all sentient beings in this realm. May the forests, oceans, and air we breathe be cleansed and cured with your most restoring breath.