~ The Podcast ~

Welcome to the portal of my mind, and mouth…. the Psychopomp Groupie is now a podcast too! Sometimes what I have to tell is not conveyed well in the written form… so using my voice I tell stories, rant about occult topics and sometimes say just what needs to be said. You can listen to my meanderings, music with occult or witchcraft leanings all through this website or the archive on my YouTube channel.

The player below has the most recent episodes. Scroll down further to find links for the  music artists I have featured on this program. I highly encourage you all to support our community!

A BIG thanks to BABALON .: 256 for my show’s theme music! Also thank you to all my readers and listeners for your support and please, give me some feedback!

May the communications be clear, the message passionate and your ears pleased.


Links to featured artists from the show:


The Moon and the Nightspirit

Luna13 and Jade Sol Luna

Inkubus Sukkubus

Wendy Rule



Wytchfawn~ The Podcast ~