Episode 11: Magick Musick

In this, my 11th episode, I share some of the my favourite witchy women in music. It is the week of my birthday and I will do as I please.   Links to these wonderful artists: Horse Cult Myrkur  Blood Ceremony  

WytchfawnEpisode 11: Magick Musick

Episode 10: Witch Wars

In this LONG overdue episode, I tell war stories from the witchcraft front, give advice on how to avoid them and play music from the band OMNIA. Sorry about the sound quality… new headset and due to the length of this episode I had to compress it down, which means less quality. Here are some supportive links from things I …

WytchfawnEpisode 10: Witch Wars

Episode 6: The Death Current

In this episode I explore the practice of Ancestor worship and share some personal anecdotes as well. Music in this episode features songs by Faun, from the albums Totem and Licht.   Resources mentioned in the podcast: Martin Coleman’s “Communing With the Spirits” Sarah Iles Johnston’s “Restless Dead: Encounters Between the Living and the Dead in Ancient Greece” “Liber Falxifer: …

adminEpisode 6: The Death Current

Episode 5: The Hekatean Special

As promised, here is the long-awaited episode in which I spill the beans about Hekate. I hope this will become an annual event, growing and maturing with the show.There’s music, anecdotes, information, recommended materials…slight rants. I kept this episode all about Our Lady of the Crossroads. Below you will find links to websites and online sources, shops and artists of which …

WytchfawnEpisode 5: The Hekatean Special