30 Days of Hermes: Unhelpful Hermes

Day 25: A time when this deity has refused to help

I have not really asked Hermes for anything I was not willing to do for my Self. I learned my lesson fast about asking the Gods for help or stuff. I am not sure if Hermes has ever truly done much for me, except the occasional luck on a lottery ticket (something I do on a random Wednesday in His honor). Then again, I have never really been refused by an Deity…come to think of it. My prayers always seem to be answered, even if not in the way I anticipated or wanted.

From "Journey of the Wounded Healer" by Alex Grey.
From “Journey of the Wounded Healer” by Alex Grey.

I have been praying for an income; notice my use of naming here…I do not want a ‘job’, because this tightens my field of opportunity. I want to cast a vast net over the sea of money and catch some. Although I busy my Self with witchcraft and working on my Master’s, I’m essentially unemployed as a stay at home wife and mother. Yes, I know there is a lot of value in that…but I am becoming jaded, needing financial independence and, with graduation around the corner, will begin the long cycle of student loan repayment. I left the job market in 2008, when the economic decline erupted and became a catalyst for something new. I am hopeful of this purge and upheaval of things, with an outcome being one which changes the way we all look at money and how we obtain it. Hermes, by not giving me the “easy way” on this request of help, has actually helped me to think about money and commerce differently. It is an energy, as anything else we wish to have more of in our lives, and Hermes can direct it with His caduceus towards devotees. To put it bluntly: if Hermes wants better offerings than Rolling Rock or Coors Light beer, He best be opening some doors for me…His humble devotee.

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