30 Days of Hermes: Helpful Hermes

Day 24: A time when this deity has helped you

Known as the ‘helpful’ God, Hermes has been there for so many deities and heroes. He is like Ganesha, removes obstacles and brings luck in it’s stead. As already shared at the beginning of this project, Hermes helped me in an attempt to finish my Master’s capstone project. Granted I did not PASS, He and I kept our agreement for the rest of the year. Since then there was a ritual working I participated with my Hermetikoi in… to remove obstacles blocking from my True Will. Whilst the working itself cannot be shared with, it did include the construction of a mandala, with charcoal, salt and number of other alchemical ingredients empowered then tossed into a fire. It released whatever poisonous connections there were into the creation of my¬†distractions: untied, cut, burned and torn by the 4 arms of Hermes Pantos Apolytos.

Since then I have lost some meaningful friendships, realized many parts about myself which were so much stronger than I ever thought, and the tolerance for bullshit has really dropped. I do not allow anyone into my life who carries bad luck, ill intentions or just plain drama. As a matter of fact, since this working I run at the first hints of it in a new friendship or situation. It is not what I anticipated, this brutal honesty with my Self from the Lord of Liars…my petition for liberation surprised me with it’s results and that is something rare.

Hermes, off to work!
Hermes, off to work!
Wytchfawn30 Days of Hermes: Helpful Hermes