Who is the Psychopomp Groupie?

headshot3I am a writer…born as one apparently, with secret language and heart strings. I am an Academic in the worst way, accumulated debt alongside the wisdom of ages. I started out as a Journalism major, but after the O.J. Simpson trials decided to go Gonzo. I transferred from a small community college to California State University, Chico; majored in Humanities and at first Women’s Studies as my minor until I began attending classes. My personal interest in religion was showing up as a pattern in my schedule, so I took it on as a second major. Emphasizing in New Religious Movements and Asian Religions, I listened to the fateful words of Joseph Campbell: “Follow Your Bliss”.  I went to London for a semester to study Theatre, Literature, Social Studies in a Humanities theme. After I  graduated, came marriage and baby. I have been lucky enough to stay home and am now finishing my Graduate program for a Master’s in Library Information Science through San Jose State University.

Thelema, Psychopomps, Oneiric prophecies, embracing the disciplines of MODERN Western esotericism have filled my time.  I have used the past 7 years to develop my Self as a Völva, Priestess, Conduit of the Cosmos and traveler of realms. I hope through my writing, others find themselves sharing experiences and know: out there in the dark of abysmal nights, we are not alone.

I can be contacted in several different ways:

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WytchfawnWho is the Psychopomp Groupie?