Carrying the Temple of Hekate

The keys clank against a chain, rattling on my hip as feet kick up dust from the desert floor. High pitched melodies ring from razor wire, accompanied by the gentle humming of electric fences. Scheming eyes of lost souls penetrate my every move as I cross the yard…the cold wind blowing debris in my path. Black wings flapping, shaking off …

WytchfawnCarrying the Temple of Hekate

Episode 11: Magick Musick

In this, my 11th episode, I share some of the my favourite witchy women in music. It is the week of my birthday and I will do as I please.   Links to these wonderful artists: Horse Cult Myrkur  Blood Ceremony  

WytchfawnEpisode 11: Magick Musick

Heart of the Black Flame: Flambeau Noir

I arise in the ethereal body from sleep, called by something wild and silent. Nude, covered only by my hair and the scents of baneful herbs; slathered over thighs, armpits, the soles of my feet and anointed third eye. I step outside into the soft night. My breath is so relaxed, the only sound to accompany a beating heart. In …

WytchfawnHeart of the Black Flame: Flambeau Noir

Liminal Book Review: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Hekate Books

“The Priestess pours the wine betwixt Their horns; Then cuts the curling hair; that first oblations  burns, Invoking Hecate hither to repair: A powerful name in hell and upper air” – Aenid by Virgil   For being so little known or preserved about Her cult practice, there sure is a lot of books out there about Hekate. The very basics …

WytchfawnLiminal Book Review: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Hekate Books

Pantheacon Report: 2018 Edition

Every year all kinds of people come to San Jose for the 3 day Pagan conference, Pantheacon; which I have attended for 6 years now. And true to my nature, I write about my various experiences over the President’s Day weekend. The following is a summation of my thoughts and shenangians as they occurred to me, with every day’s divination …

WytchfawnPantheacon Report: 2018 Edition

Favourite Things of 2017

“To the poet, to the philosopher, to the saint, all things are friendly and sacred, all events profitable, all days holy, all men divine.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson This year I had more disposable income than ever before in my life. I finally started my career (more on that with another post), have excellent retirement benefits, and funds in the …

WytchfawnFavourite Things of 2017

Living Deliciously

“As she making her beede in her Chamber, there appeared in the shape of a man in blacke cloaths and blackish cloaths about five weeks past, and bid her good-morrow. And shee asked what his name was, and he said his name was Blackeman, and asked her if she were poore, and she said I; and then he told her …

WytchfawnLiving Deliciously

Episode 10: Witch Wars

In this LONG overdue episode, I tell war stories from the witchcraft front, give advice on how to avoid them and play music from the band OMNIA. Sorry about the sound quality… new headset and due to the length of this episode I had to compress it down, which means less quality. Here are some supportive links from things I …

WytchfawnEpisode 10: Witch Wars

The Pyramid of Magick

“To attain the SANCTUM REGNUM, in other words, the knowledge and power of the Magi, there are four indispensable conditions–an intelligence illuminated by study, an intrepidity which nothing can check, a will which cannot be broken, and a prudence which nothing can corrupt and nothing intoxicate. TO KNOW, TO DARE, TO WILL, TO KEEP SILENCE–such are the four words of …

WytchfawnThe Pyramid of Magick